Buckaroo iDeal payment plug-in for nopCommerce

Process secure payments using the payment service provider Buckaroo. The actual payment takes place in the familiar surroundings of the website of the bank so that buyer and seller are assured of a secure, transparent transaction with no hidden costs.
Manufacturer: Buckaroo

iDEAL is by far the largest online payment method in The Netherlands. Through close co-operation between banks, it is possible to receive both a payment confirmation and the associated funds in real-time. A successful iDEAL payment is not reversible and is guaranteed by the acquiring bank. iDEAL is only available to citizens of The Netherlands that have a (consumer) checking account with any of the 9 participating issuing banks. These include all major Dutch banks. In the 2nd version of the iDEAL service, functionality is added to support foreign banks. As for now, only dutch banks are available.


  • Rich user interface
  • Plug and play
  • Option to add additional payment fee
  • Inline bank selection
  • support multi-store environment
  • Support for shipping, gift card and coupon code
  • Support checkout attributes

How it works

When the order is paid you get a automatic email with the plug-in.

  1. Download the plug-in
  2. Unzip the downloaded file.
  3. In your nopCommerce web folder, you will see a Plug-ins folder, in it...
  4. Copy the subfolder of the correct version from nopCommerce into the Plug-in folder of nopCommerce
  5. Either
    1. restart the nopCommerce application, or
    2. login in as Administrator, goto Administration > Configuration > Plug-ins > click the button
  6. "Reload list of Plug-ins"
  7. After the list reloads, scroll down to the line with the new plug-in name, and click the "Install" link.
  8. After the page reloads, you should see the "Configure" link in the plug-in line (if it has configuration)
  9. Follow the additional instructions on the configuration page of the plug-in


Your license entitles you to lifetime support and upgrades


General Terms
Guаrаnteed respоnse time24 hours (1 business day)
LanguagesEnglish or Dutch
Products specifications
Attribute nameAttribute value
nopCommerce version(s)3.90, 3.80, 3.70, 3.60, 3.50, 3.40, 3.30, 3.20, 3.10, 3.00
Minimum ASP.NET versionASP.NET 4.5 (MVC 5.0)
SupportMaintenance and bug fixes