MessageBird SMS Provider plug-in for nopCommerce

A nopCommerce plug-in to send SMS messages from your store to customers and store owners.

Let your customers know about their order status change or delivery just shipped. Be notified when new order is received. Improve customer service and notify customers via SMS to establish greater levels of trust.

The service has world-wide coverage and means no additional implementation or setup costs. You only pay per a message sent.

Enclosed is an installation package which contains a tested and ready-to-use implementation of the MessageBird SMS Provider.

What you can expect:

  • Send notification text messages to customers or administrators during various events in your nopCommerce store.
  • Multistore support
  • Multi-lingual versions of SMS text
  • Custom templates
  • Encryption
  • Plug and play
  • Free upgrades
  • Free support

How it works

When the order is paid you get a automatic email with the plug-in.

  1. Download the plug-in
  2. Unzip the downloaded file.
  3. In your nopCommerce web folder, you will see a Plug-ins folder, in it...
  4. Copy the subfolder of the correct version from nopCommerce into the Plug-in folder of nopCommerce
  5. Either
    1. restart the nopCommerce application, or
    2. login in as Administrator, goto Administration > Configuration > Plug-ins > click the button
  6. "Reload list of Plug-ins"
  7. After the list reloads, scroll down to the line with the new plug-in name, and click the "Install" link.
  8. After the page reloads, you should see the "Configure" link in the plug-in line (if it has configuration)
  9. Follow the additional instructions on the configuration page of the plug-in


Your license entitles you to lifetime support and upgrades


General Terms
Guаrаnteed respоnse time24 hours (1 business day)
LanguagesEnglish or Dutch
Products specifications
Attribute nameAttribute value
nopCommerce version(s)3.90, 3.80, 3.70, 3.60, 3.50, 3.40, 3.30, 3.20, 3.10, 3.00
Minimum ASP.NET versionASP.NET 4.5 (MVC 5.0)
SupportMaintenance and bug fixes